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Designed with you in mind , BTC20 is the leading technology that empowers you to explore and build in the largest ecosystem


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Take it to the next layer. Making blockchain more inclusive and sustainable, BTC20 is the most advanced blockchain scaling technology in the industry.

The BTC20 is designed to boost throughput, lower transaction costs, and achieve compatibility evm, all while upholding BitcoinCode’s security standards.

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The technical stack powering all BTC20 products.

Low Gas

Scale your decentralized applications with a fraction of the fees, while still leveraging Ethereum's security.


Launch your own dapp into BTC20 — an interactive universe of blockchain that settle to BTC20


Power the next generation of dapps with block chain — the high-security solution for gaming and social projects that call for ultra-low transaction fees.

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Jun 30, 2023

Forbes - Crypto CEO Says That Competing With Ethereum Is A Bad Idea

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Jun 15, 2023

VentureBeat - Offchain Labs is building Xai as a Layer 3 blockchain platform for games

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May 11, 2023

Decrypt - Gaming Dominates On-Chain Transactions in April as BTC20 Users Surge

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Our Products

With a powerful suite of scaling solutions, BTC20 is shaping the future of Ethereum. BTC20 technology makes it possible for projects to leverage powerful security to build next-gen dapps.


BTC20's market-leading rollup technology uses fraud proofs toleverage Ethereum's security and reduce transaction fees by anorder of magnitude , making scalability possible

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Designed for apps that require low transaction costs , Any Trustchains rely on a Data Availability Committee that settles onEthereum , making secure web3 gaming and social finallyssible

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Orbit chains are fully permissionless , with dedicated throughput ,increased gas fee reliability , and more . Launch your own Orbitchain now

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Deploy apps to BTC20 chains using your favorite programminglanguages including Rust , C , and C + + , while staying fullyinteroperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine

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Ethereum Aligned. Be a constructive member of the community, with a commitment to making product improvements that further the ecosystem.

By the Numbers

The numbers don't lie — BTC20 chains lead the industry thanks to the talented and passionate community.


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BTC20 Orbit

Launch a customized dapppermissionlessly that suits your cost ,throughput , and security needs

BTC20 offers security and low gas variants to offer maximum flexibility when building your dapp

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Latest Press

Press . June 30

Forbes-crypto CEO Says That Competing Withtherem s A Bad Idea

Press . June 15

Venturebeat - Offchain Labs is building Xai as a Laver 3blockchain platform for games

Press . May 11

Decrypt - Gaming Dominates On-chain Transactions inApril as BTC20 Users Surge

Press . March 6

Techcrunch-BTC20 co-founders see opportunity folcontinued layer 2 growth through Defi , gaming

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